There are plenty of restream alternatives for LIVE streams but if you want to live stream pre-recorded videos, there aren’t many. So which tool should we use to live stream pre-recorded videos? That’s exactly what we would be sharing in the post.

Why should you LIVE stream?

Videos are the content medium of 2020 that can change your game – are you leveraging it? If you haven’t yet, then now is the right time to do so.

There is a problem though, the organic reach of posts on social media is declining. You can only expect highly engaging posts or inorganic posts to reach more people.

As content creators or brands, you would have to either spend on ads or create highly engaging and interactive content that your audience will love. And if your question is how? LIVE streaming videos is one of the best and recommended ways to get more people to notice your brand and content.

If you are someone who isn’t comfortable talking LIVE in front of a camera, worry not there is a fantastic workaround that should help you get started on your LIVE streaming journey Curious to know what it is? LIVE stream pre-recorded videos until you are comfortable doing a real-time LIVE stream. Found this workaround interesting but wondering which tool to use? Read on.

Restream alternatives for streaming pre-recorded videos:

The grow list of platforms you can livestream using One

Even though there are many Restream alternatives like StreamYard, Facebook’s LIVE studio for LIVE streaming, there isn’t an easy way to schedule and stream pre-recorded video. That’s where OneStream LIVE comes in, it offers amazing flexibility to schedule and stream pre-recorded videos as LIVE videos on more than 40+ social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more – all through your browser so you need not worry about your device configuration, transcoding or processing videos or even your internet bandwidth and speed. You can, of course, install and use OBS or Streamlabs which is open-source and one of the restream alternatives but it isn’t easy to use and it is a resource-hogger especially on low or mid-config devices.

OneStream LIVE Features:

Interface of Onstream.live Dashboard
  1. Onstream Live has 40+ integrations and allows unlimited live streaming but the number of slots available depends on the plan you have subscribed for.
  2. Supports live-streaming 360° videos
  3. You can also loop videos
  4. It offers file-storage to upload your videos and reuse it at any time. The storage again depends on your subscription plan
  5. It also has integrations with cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Pcloud, etc. The advantage of this feature is that the video file-size doesn’t apply when you use these cloud providers.
  6. It also offers camera-recording, screen-capturing, team-management features as well
  7. Higher plans offer the ability to customize your LIVE streams with your branding/logo and overlays.

OneStream LIVE Pricing

OneStream Live has great features and generous limits.

The biggest differentiator of Onestream live over other restream alternatives is its pricing and features. There are some unique features like looping, cross posting, stream analytics etc starting from just. $10 per month.

Is this one of the restream alternatives to consider?

Yes, a definite YES. But are you thinking that Onestream Live doesn’t offer real-time live streaming yet like Restream, Ecamm or StreamYard, right? Worry not, real-time live streaming feature is already in the works and is expected to be released by end of 2020. So make sure you are ready to confidently go live by then.


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